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Table Rock Lake, Missouri - Sept 2012
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TOLKA Photo Gallery by Tim Du Vernet

Tim DuVernet is a very well known and highly regarded professional photographer who resides in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. He has a passion for antique boats and Muskoka wilderness. He is very well known in the boating community for unusual pictures of historical wooden boats that illustrate the details of the beauty that everyone admires in a wooden boat.

His photography has appeared on countless covers of news papers magazines and boat show posters. His photography is on both poster produced for the 2012 ACBS Boat Show in Gravenhurst Ontario.

In 1997 Tim co-authored a 'coffee table book' called “Wood and Glory” which celebrated the legacy of Muskoka wooden boats and is now a must for anyone's book collection. Tim has been commissioned to produce a very unique large format book on TOLKA. The pictures in this gallery are a sampling of what will be in the final edition.

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